Spring in Iqaluit

Spring in Iqaluit

Arctic Spring, Iqaluit, NU

Words and even photos can not describe a day like yesterday in Iqaluit.

But I will try.

During the day;
Clear crisp skies with some of the freshest air you can breathe
+5 in the shade
+30 in the sun, T-Shirt weather, Shorts if you have them
Sun burns are possible
No wind
No bugs
Water pooling on the ice in the bay for the awesome blue colours
Snow covered mountains on the horizon
Kids off the bus from school and head straight to the park

During the evening;
After a 10 dinner, kids back outside
Mom and Dad watching kids play in park from back deck
+5 outside
Now Sweater weather, but still comfortable in bare feet on deck
830pm, younger kids do not believe you that it is bed time as the sun is still way up
930pm, older child finally gives up fight with the ever lasting day light and gets to bed
10pm Dad heads out to capture an image that might represent the day
Sun is just starting to think of setting for the little time it will be below the horizon
Darkness, NONE until the Fall!

Makes the crazy days of the winter all worth while!




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