Project-26 – Instagram

Project-26 – Instagram



I have always known and heard about Instagram, even had a few friends say I should get on there! I just did not know how a guy like me, who takes mosts photos with a DLSR would fit into Instagram.

Over this last year I read about Instagram and how it is leading the way as a photography social media site. I saw on Facebook as other photographers were signing up to Instagram, but could not relate to how. How do you upload DSLR photos from your computer to Instagram? Now I know!!!

It took a little Googling, but the path was slowly discovered. I read a description from FStoppers by Dani Diamond on his method to make the connection to Instagram. I pretty much followed his plan and learned a few more things along the way.

I knew Instagram works with square crops of images. Using Lightroom I created a folder for my chosen Instagram photos. I then created virtual copies of each one and cropped them square or 1:1. I was not sure what control I would have on the Instagram end, so I chose to crop my images prior to exporting them. This way I could chose the the best way to square crop my image and see if they still looked OK in this format.

Using a Dropbox account, I uploaded my cropped photos and received them on my iPad. Some people email their photos to themselves, but the Dropbox method seemed right. Plus it is free storage and another back up of photos!

Once I had access to the photos on the Dropbox App, I tried to send them to Instagram, but had no luck. More Googling reviled Dropbox on Apple products do not play nice with Instagram. Which seems very odd with how easy Apple products normally are. Looks like the Android folks luck out here, as they can send images from Dropbox to Instagram within their device.

So, with Apple’s iPad I had one more step to take. I had to open each photo in the Dropbox App and then save to the iPad camera roll.

Now with the photo saved in the camera roll, the Instagram app could find them and I was able to share my DLSR photos. Then I needed to sort out some HashTags for my photos.

I uploaded a few photos, then spent some time browsing photos, searching Hashtags and getting to know Instagram. I have been on Instagram for a few days now and I can see how great this App is. I have the 500px App and generally use it for a daily dose of inspiration from other photographers along with Facebook. I can see Instagram being used for this as well and even more so, as the images load up quicker and you can enjoy more images. Especially important with the slow internet we sometimes have.

If you are on Instagram, you can find me at Baffin_Photography.



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