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2018 Nunavut Calendar

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2018 Nunavut Calendar







The 2018 Nunavut Calendar is Ready to go!

This just might be the Best Nunavut Calendar I have produced yet!

Each Calendar is individually plastic wrapped with a cardboard inset for protection.

They are $20.00 each plus Postage.

FREE Delivery in Iqaluit!

GREAT GIFTS for anyone who loves NUNAVUT or would like to see more of this Beautiful part of Canada!



Sample Photographs from the Calendar.

Jason Miller - Baffin Photography-9410 Jason Miller - Baffin Photography-2445 Jason Miller - Baffin Photography-3677 Jason Miller - Baffin Photography-5815 Jason Miller - Baffin Photography-6043



2017 Nunavut Calendar

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2017 Nunavut Calendar

The 2017 Nunavut Calendars are in and ready to go!

Great Gifts for anyone who loves  Northern Canada!

$20 each or Buy 4 get 1 Free!  Plus Postage.  FREE Deliver in Iqaluit.

Featuring scenic photography from Iqaluit, Baker Lake, Pond Inlet, Pangnirtung, Repulse Bay(Naujaat), and Arctic Bay.

To purchase, email;
with your requested amount of 2017 Nunavut Calendars and provide a mailing address.

I will mail them out and let you know the total cost with postage.
Payments via Credit Card, Bank E-Transfers, Cheque or Cash.









My image on the tail of an airplane!

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My image on the tail of an airplane!

As some of you may know, I am a pilot at First Air, going on just over 20 years now. The company had an employee contest for new images for the Tails of the ATR 42-500 coming on line. This past November I was notified that 1 of my 3 submissions was chosen for this ATR. For the last few months I have been patiently waiting for the airplane to be finished with it’s heavy maintenance checks and for the large sticker with my image to be installed.

If you happen to have a 2016 Nunavut Calendar, the Tail image is from January’s Photograph.

This particular ATR 42-500 is the first of a series to fly the line at First Air. It is also the first ATR 42-500 to be operated in Canada. It was just brought to Yellowknife to start service about a week ago. I certainly do hope it makes its way out East to Iqaluit one day. It would be pretty amazing for me to fly this airplane around the Eastern Arctic.

Thank you to fellow photographer Mark Taylor for letting me use his photograph of this ATR 42-500, showing my tail image.



Photo by: Mark Taylor (

Photo by: Mark Taylor (

2016 Nunavut Calendar are Here!

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2016 Nunavut Calendar are Here!

2016 Nunavut Calendars are ready !

Featuring scenic photography from Iqaluit, Pond Inlet, Pangnirtung, Cape Dorset, and Rankin Inlet.

$20.00 each

FREE Delivery in Iqaluit.



To purchase, email

with your requested amount of 2016 Nunavut Calendars and provide a mailing address.

I will mail them out and let you know the total cost with postage.

Payments via Bank E-Transfers, Cheque or Cash.

To see monthly photographs from the calendar visit;

Watch Baffin Photography’s Facebook Page for a chance to WIN a 2016 Nunavut Calendar.




2016 Nunavut Calendar Cover Calendar Back Page 20141224-_IMG7624 20150401-_IMG9827 20150721-_IMG4509


2016 Nunavut Calendar

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2016 Nunavut Calendar







2016 Nunavut Calendars have SHIPPED from the Printers!

Taking PRE-ORDERs now.

Featuring scenic Northern Photography from Iqaluit, Pond Inlet, Pangnirtung, Cape Dorset, and Rankin Inlet.
$20.00 each

FREE Delivery in Iqaluit.

To purchase,

E-mail with your requested amount of 2016 Nunavut Calendars and provide a mailing address.

I will mail them out and let you know the total cost with postage.

Payments via Bank E-Transfers, Cheque or Cash

Watch Baffin Photography’s Facebook Page for a chance to WIN a 2016 Nunavut Calendar every week until January 1 , 2016


2016 Nunavut Calendar Cover

The Captain Returns. Pond Inlet, NU.

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The Captain Returns.  Pond Inlet, NU.



The Captain Returns, Pond Inlet, NU.




“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

-Mark Twain




Spring in Iqaluit

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Spring in Iqaluit

Arctic Spring, Iqaluit, NU

Words and even photos can not describe a day like yesterday in Iqaluit.

But I will try.

During the day;
Clear crisp skies with some of the freshest air you can breathe
+5 in the shade
+30 in the sun, T-Shirt weather, Shorts if you have them
Sun burns are possible
No wind
No bugs
Water pooling on the ice in the bay for the awesome blue colours
Snow covered mountains on the horizon
Kids off the bus from school and head straight to the park

During the evening;
After a 10 dinner, kids back outside
Mom and Dad watching kids play in park from back deck
+5 outside
Now Sweater weather, but still comfortable in bare feet on deck
830pm, younger kids do not believe you that it is bed time as the sun is still way up
930pm, older child finally gives up fight with the ever lasting day light and gets to bed
10pm Dad heads out to capture an image that might represent the day
Sun is just starting to think of setting for the little time it will be below the horizon
Darkness, NONE until the Fall!

Makes the crazy days of the winter all worth while!




Learning from others, part of my Project 26.

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Learning from others, part of my Project 26.

Learning from others, is part of my Project 26.

I am inspired by many other photographers. As I study their photographs for what I like about them, I have noticed a common theme in many. There is very often someone in the photo. The viewer does not always see their face, as a portrait type image, but there is a human element in the scene. This element may give the viewer a sense of scale to the scene or it might just be the view the photographer was enjoying at that moment.

Here is an image with me in it, taken at 630am on 1 April 2015 in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. That morning I had the choice to roll over and stay asleep in a nice warm bed, or get up, bundle up and face the elements. Well I am glad I made the right choice! -30c is not so bad, especially when you catch a beautiful sunrise. Plus I had a pot of coffee waiting for me upon my return. It was a great morning!





Project-26 – Instagram

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Project-26 – Instagram



I have always known and heard about Instagram, even had a few friends say I should get on there! I just did not know how a guy like me, who takes mosts photos with a DLSR would fit into Instagram.

Over this last year I read about Instagram and how it is leading the way as a photography social media site. I saw on Facebook as other photographers were signing up to Instagram, but could not relate to how. How do you upload DSLR photos from your computer to Instagram? Now I know!!!

It took a little Googling, but the path was slowly discovered. I read a description from FStoppers by Dani Diamond on his method to make the connection to Instagram. I pretty much followed his plan and learned a few more things along the way.

I knew Instagram works with square crops of images. Using Lightroom I created a folder for my chosen Instagram photos. I then created virtual copies of each one and cropped them square or 1:1. I was not sure what control I would have on the Instagram end, so I chose to crop my images prior to exporting them. This way I could chose the the best way to square crop my image and see if they still looked OK in this format.

Using a Dropbox account, I uploaded my cropped photos and received them on my iPad. Some people email their photos to themselves, but the Dropbox method seemed right. Plus it is free storage and another back up of photos!

Once I had access to the photos on the Dropbox App, I tried to send them to Instagram, but had no luck. More Googling reviled Dropbox on Apple products do not play nice with Instagram. Which seems very odd with how easy Apple products normally are. Looks like the Android folks luck out here, as they can send images from Dropbox to Instagram within their device.

So, with Apple’s iPad I had one more step to take. I had to open each photo in the Dropbox App and then save to the iPad camera roll.

Now with the photo saved in the camera roll, the Instagram app could find them and I was able to share my DLSR photos. Then I needed to sort out some HashTags for my photos.

I uploaded a few photos, then spent some time browsing photos, searching Hashtags and getting to know Instagram. I have been on Instagram for a few days now and I can see how great this App is. I have the 500px App and generally use it for a daily dose of inspiration from other photographers along with Facebook. I can see Instagram being used for this as well and even more so, as the images load up quicker and you can enjoy more images. Especially important with the slow internet we sometimes have.

If you are on Instagram, you can find me at Baffin_Photography.



Project-26: The Back-up Plan

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Project-26: The Back-up Plan

Project-26, Jason Miller, Baffin Photography, The Back-up Plan





Project-26: The Back Up Plan


Living on the edge! Years of digital photos, over a decade, a journey in photography, memories, ……..and no real back up.

This has been a priority for a long time, many things held me back from having a proper back up plan. Unsure of the best way, hardware, software, time, it will never happen to me, I had Time Machine on a separate drive on the iMac that should cover it, and many more excuses.

Time to fix this and come up with a plan. Priority Number 1 on the Project-26 List! I spent a few days to complete this Project. Not including all the previous research on the best ways to do this.

A few months ago I purchased an e-book from Photography, Back Up or Die. “Die” would be pretty close to how I would want to deal with losing all the memories. Having no negatives to redevelop, everything is lost forever! Eight years of our 4 kids growing up so far, would be criminal enough.

Back or Die is a great e-book with an included work sheet to walk you through building up your individual plan. While reading the book and working through the worksheet I stock piled 4 – 4 terabyte hard drives, knowing they would be part of my plan some how. With the work sheet finally complete for my plan, I was still scratching my head a bit. I ended up adding my own flow chart from the work sheet to better visualize what I was about to try and do. This stuff is way over my head, a lot of why I was putting this off for so long! I would rather be out taking more photos, but I would not want to lose them either.

Photos from 2 previous computers on 2 separate hard drives were copied onto 1 of the new 4 terabyte drives. I hope to merge the photos one day somehow, but for now they are in separate folders, labeled from the previous computers they were on. I found out how to move the photos from within Lightroom, the program I use for managing my photos.

Once all the photos were on 1 hard drive and everything seemed to be working as it was before with the 2 hard drives, I plugged in a second 4 terabyte hard drive. Apple asked if I wanted this for my Time Machine backup. I agreed and asked it to include the hard drive with all my photos on it. A few hours later I had my first back up!

After the computer cooled down from copying 78,913 photos, I installed the third hard drive and formatted it. The Back Up or Die e-book recommended various software programs for back ups and cloning hard drives, I chose the ChronoSync software. I purchased and downloaded the program. In short order I was setting up a scheduled back up of my first hard drive with all my photos on it. Two hours later, I had my 2nd back of my photos. WOW!

From a recommendation in the e-book, I created Bootable clone hard drive of my Mac Mini. Using the ChronoSync software which is very easy to use, I quickly set up a bootable clone. I used a smaller portable 1 terabyte hard drive for this. It was the one I used before as my Time Machine back up, on my previous computer.

From living on the edge, I now have 3 places where my photos can easily be found and I have a bootable clone drive incase the main computer has any hiccups! I think I will sleeping a lot better now.

This plan is a work in progress and I still have lots to learn on how to best protect and back up photographs, but I now know I will be covered incase the worst happens.

My next step is to use the fourth 4 terabyte hard drive and create one more back up of the drive with all the photos on it and store this fourth drive off site. I will then on a regular basis rotate the 3rd and 4th drives. If ever we were robbed or our house burnt down our photos will still be available to be installed again.

Well,…. I thought I was done the back ups and was all set to put the original drives away for awhile! Just incase I did something wrong or missed something and needed the photos on them. The next morning after all the backing up, I was putting the finishing touches on 3 Baby books I have been working on for our 3 older kids. With all the moving of photos from one drive to another the PhotoBook program was showing me a long list of missing photos! My heart started beating a little faster. Quickly installing the older drives, I located the one hard drive with the photos that somehow were not transferred over to the new drive with all my photos. 13,490 photos to be exact! This is the stuff I was so afraid of. Glad I did not start deleting just because I thought I was done. I will tuck those old drives away for a while longer!

Now with the new found photos my Lightroom catalog tells me I have a total of 92,403 photos. I completed the back up on the 4th drive and will shortly find a nice warm location outside of our home to store them. These memories are all backed up safe and sound on 4 separate hard drives. Hopefully, no other photos have gone missing!

Now to start adding to the digital files. I need to scan our old prints from the film days! I have two large boxes sitting under my desk to keep reminding me they are there. That will be another item on the Project-26 list, at least to start scanning them!

Next Project on the List, figure out this Instagram thing!