IMGP3951Jason Miller

Nunavut landscape and aviation photographer for 15 years, currently living in Iqaluit.  Now expanding into portraits.  Member of CARFAC (Canadian Artists’ Representation/le Front des artistes canadiens) and NACA (Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association).

1997 brought Jason to Resolute Bay as a Co-Pilot on the de Havilland Twin Otter, with Bradley, First Air.

Thinking there might be some sights to show family and friends back home in Ottawa, he brought a typical 35mm point and shoot camera along.  Well, that started something!  It seemed like wherever he flew in the high Arctic on the Twin Otter, the camera was always coming out.  A beautiful mountain range here, a tranquil fiord there, Eureka.  Jason fell in love with Nunavut.

Jason’s full time job now is as a Training Captain on the ATR 42/72 with First Air.  This keeps him flying around Nunavut.  Never bored of the scenery, he is always looking for the next great photograph.

Jason and his wife, Julie now live in Iqaluit with their 4 children.


Here is a map of Nunavut, stomping grounds for most of Jason’s photography!

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